Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! My name is Nicole and if you haven't read it already, I'm a Wife, Mom, Photographer and Blogger. Though, this wasn't always the case! I was at one point an independent woman running the rat race in the working world. I had dreams and high ambitions of going some where and doing something with "my independent" life. I dreamed of going to college getting a nice degree in art and business attaining a job as a graphic artist and eventually working my way up the corporate latter and becoming a CEO of my own and or "a" company.  But the way "I had dreamed" of it all happening all came to an end at the age of 20.

My mother had passed away from cancer when I was 20 and my only sibling, my younger brother, was only 16. My loving father, the love of my mothers life of 30+ years, suddenly decided to moved on with his life without us. I was suddenly alone with my brother to face the big cruel world. A drastic change from a sheltered cushioned life I lived the first 20 years of my life. Suddenly one day my mother wasn't feeling well and the next day we found out she had stage 4 cancer. I found myself quitting college to take care of my mom. There was no questioning it or thinking twice about it! I was there for my mom until the end and did it lovingly and wholeheartedly. It was honestly the best thing I could ever have done. Little did I know or fathom that 4 months later I would no longer have My mom to laugh with and hug. Those few months were a blur but those 4 months had the most impact on my life until now... Until I became a mother.

I met my loving Husband 5 years ago next month at a private party where he was the guitarist in one of the biggest entertainment bands in Detroit. Need I say it was love at first sight? Two years had gone by since my mom had passed when I met my husband 5 years ago. I was twenty two and I was running the rat race. I had tried to go back to college. I applied and talked to everyone I could and "they" all pitifully said, "unless I had a baby (OH! and not that they condoned it... yeah right!) or got married, I was still qualified under my fathers tax bracket until the age twenty five" (even though I lived on my own, worked 2-3 jobs and was no longer under my fathers income)! Twenty Five! Three years seemed an eternity away! While all of my friends were already graduating from under graduate studies, I was still stuck in my second semester of College from 2 years ago! So I did what I knew best... kept running the rat race. I went from cleaning office buildings to working in a really nice one as an office assistant until my Husband in a way rescued me of that life when he asked me to marry him and told me to follow my dreams. By this time, I had really got to know myself and what I loved and decided to follow my dreams and peruse a career in Photography. Its been a life long love that I thought little made an actual career out of. That is until a friend from work asked me to be a second shooter for her with her photography company and she taught me the ropes of the industry. Since then, I have been taking my passion, my love and turning it into my career and my own business. See I still am getting there.. I am still becoming the CEO of a company... My Company! It hasn't happened the way I had originally dreamed, not as fast and not in the direction I thought it was going to go... Life got in the way, but in the end, with perseverance, your dreams can still happen!    

So why am I creating THIS blog? Well, I love photography and I LOVE to Write! If you couldn't tell already! ;)  Since becoming an accidental House mom... (Oh yes How did I become one? ... I'll tell you below) I needed something else to do besides feed, burp, sleep, clean, take photos and repeat. I'm not a fan of the constant same old ~ day in and day out repetition. So I decided to start a blog (this blog) where I can sit down during my daughters naps and throw out some ideas and tips that I have found to be useful around the house since becoming a housewife/mom and blog about it using pictures, words and maybe some video too!

So How did I become an accidental House Mom?...

Well you see one day the pregnancy stick became blue and well the really pretty office building that I was working at as an office assistant for several years... Well they really liked me there and I was promoted to a nice job as an assistant in the accounting dept.  Basically the promotion and the pregnancy came simultaneously and learning a new job while having baby brain, consistently coming in late because of excessive morning sickness made it a difficult time at work.  On top of that, I think Michigan saw one of its worst winters in years! So my husband was adamant that me and our unborn child were more important than making it into work on time (and keeping one for that matter), that I wasn't allowed to drive my hour trek into work if the roads were deemed too dangerous, which unfortunately many mornings they were ice covered and dangerous... just my luck too (interesting that this year... we haven't had any snow stick to the ground, wish it were the case last year!) ... So needless to say, My favoritism at work quickly diminished to me becoming an annoyance and I felt the tables turn and at one point it seemed as though my managers were conspiring to fire me. On top of that, my HR manager was hinting to me to leave and enjoy raising my child...

So if there were not already enough red flags being thrown and signs pointing in which direction I was to go... boy oh boy... Was God trying to speak to me or what! lol!

So, when my precious daughter arrived and I looked into her big beautiful blue eyes, I was taken back to the 4 months of when I took care of my mother and how those 4 months shaped my life and my understanding of true~real~pure love and the true meaning of life... I took that and made one of the biggest decisions of my life and one that effects my family's future.. and that is to be here full time for my daughter the same way my mother was there pouring her heart and soul into me full time for the first 20 years of my life. ~ I feel for the first time in my life I have a true purpose. It's not just to be my daughters mother but also her friend and life guide. ~ xoxo 


  1. Love it Nicole. I am happy that you chose and were able to have it a chose to stay home and raise Ava and possible future babies ; ) It's not for everyone or the weak lol It's one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of my life and I often say to myself "this is it. this is where I've always wanted to be and I want to soak it all in and not miss a thing. However the wash rinse repeat does get old fast lol and finding an outlet is great for you and Ava (a sane mom makes for a happy home ) congrats on your bloging

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  3. (This is Rachel Friesen)

    Love hearing about your life :-) (Also Ava and you are gorgeous) love the background also, very happy looking.

    I'm glad you're able to be with Ava, I think its really nice for kids to have their mother at home with them. I know I'm glad my mother was able to, it means alot to always have someone there for you.

    1. I also look forward to reading more on here!